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Welcome to the wiki! All of RSA and other Dragi clans are excited to share the beauty of Da'gono, the national language of the Dragi.

Directory of Da'gono (DA-go-NA)

Da'gono is divided into 10 different dialects, one for each of the 9 different tribes of Dragi, and a universal. Palne and Nygati le Da'gono are the most commonly spoken dialects. The full list (and links) to each dialect are below:

Palne Le Da'gono

Nygati Le Da'gono

Faldonche Le Da'gono

Deta Natheiens le Da'gono

Ralzoda Le Da'gono

Runadamlu Le Da'gono

Grulona Le Da'gono

Chakansol Le Da'gono

Atenzai Le Da'gono

Solgati Ne Da'gono (unofficial)

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